Discografía Completa Coldplay 320kbps 80CD Albums

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Parachutes (Japanese Edition) (2000)
A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Japanese Edition) (2002)
X&Y (Japanese Special Tour Edition) (2006)
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
(Japanese Prospekt’s March Edition) (2008)
Mylo Xyloto (Japanese Edition) (2011)
Ghost Stories (Japanese Edition) (2014)
A Head Full of Dreams (Japanese Edition) (2015)
Live 2003 (2003)
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left (Live) (2009)
Live 2012 (2012)
Ghost Stories (Live) (2014)
Safety (EP) (1998)
The Blue Room (EP) (1999)
Acoustic (EP) (2000)
Mince Spies (Limited Edition EP) (2001)
Trouble (Norwegian Live EP) (2001)
Clocks (Japanese Edition EP) (2003)
Talk (Remixes EP) (2006)
Lost! (EP) (2008)
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (EP) (2011)
iTunes Festival (London 2011 EP) (2011)
Princess Of China (EP) (2012)
A Sky Full Of Stars (EP) (2014)
A Sky Full Of Stars (Remixes EP) (2014)
Midnight (Remixes EP) (2014)
Ode To Deodorant (CD Single Promo) (1998)
Brothers & Sisters (CD Maxi-Single) (1999)
Shiver (CD Maxi-Single) (2000)
Trouble (CD Single) (2000)
Yellow (CD Maxi-Single) (2000)
Don’t Panic (CD Maxi-Single) (2001)
Trouble (CD Single Promo) (2001)
In My Place (CD Maxi-Single) (2002)
The Scientist (CD Single) (2002)
Clocks (CD Single) (2003)
Clocks (Special Edition CD Maxi – Single) (2003)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
(CD Single Enhanced) (2003)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (CD Single) (2003)
Moses (CD Single Promo) (2003)
Fix You (CD Single Enhanced) (2005)
Fix You (CD Single Promo) (2005)
Speed Of Sound (CD Single) (2005)
Speed of Sound (Live CD Single) (2005)
Talk (Limited Edition CD Maxi-Single) (2005)
The Hardest Part (CD Single Promo) (2006)
The Hardest Part (CD Single) (2006)
What If (CD Single) (2006)
Lhuna (CD Single Promo) (2008)
Lost! (CD Single) (2008)
Lovers In Japan (CD Single Promo) (2008)
Violet Hill (CD Single Promo) (2008)
Violet Hill (CD Single) (2008)
Viva la Vida (CD Single Promo) (2008)
Vida la Vida (CD Single) (2008)
How You See The World No. 2 (CD Single) (2009)
Life In Technicolor II (CD Single Promo) (2009)
Life In Technicolor II (CD Single) (2009)
Strawberry Swing (CD Single Promo) (2009)
Christmas Lights (CD Single Promo) (2010)
Charlie Brown (CD Single) (2011)
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (CD Single Promo) (2011)
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (CD Single) (2011)
Paradise (CD Single Promo) (2011)
Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix CD Single) (2011)
Paradise (Tiesto Remix CD Single) (2011)
Charlie Brown (David Aude Remix CD Single) (2012)
Hurts Like Heaven (CD Single Promo) (2012)
Princess Of China (CD Maxi-Single) (2012)
Atlas (CD Single Promo) (2013)
A Sky Full Of Stars (CD Single) (2014)
A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix CD Single) (2014)
Ink (CD Single Promo) (2014)
Magic (CD Single) (2014)
Midnight (CD Single Promo) (2014)
True Love (CD Single Promo) (2014)
Wish I Was Here (CD Single Promo) (2014)
Adventure Of A Lifetime (CD Maxi-Single) (2015)
Adventure Of A Lifetime (Matoma Remix CD Single) (2015)
Hymn For The Weekend (Remixes CD Maxi- Single Promo) (2016)
Up&Up (Radio Edit CD Single)




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